Distressed swan at Wilcrick, Monmouthshire.

IMG_4146Call yesterday from Christine who lives in Llanmartin; she walks the Wilcrick area fairly regularly. She was concerned about a lone adult swan in a reen in a very remote area of the levels. I promised I would visit today, and as things have turned out, just as well I did.

Three things to cause concern:

1. His location is immediately across the road from a shoot….

2. He is somewhat scruffy having very obviously had fairly recent contact with some form of oil; one can only imagine/guess where that might have come from…!

3. But most seriously of all, and enough on its own to justify taking him into care is the fact he has quite a prominent swelling on the right hand side of his face (actually within the mask area – it is just about visible in the photograph). This suggests an infection affecting the sinus region. This definitely calls for specialist veterinary intervention.

National Swan Sanctuary; here we come. Watch this space!


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