Rhoose Point – Fishing Tackled Swan

Took a call from David, a resident at Rhoose Point. He reported that one of the adult swans living on the small lake had fishing tackle around his neck. Although the swan was reported to be walking around the bank, by the time I arrived he was afloat again. A small amount of bread made the tackle hanging from his beak go further down the throat, but it seemed to come back a little by itself. The whole family (2 adults and 4 cygnets) were a little wary, so we adjourned to David’s living room to drink tea, in the hope that the swan would take another walk.

Half way through the cup, out came the swan, and back we went. David distracted (fed) the others, while I tried to get close enough to the male to grab him. Once he was safely pinned to the ground, I tentatively pulled the fishing line, but it was not about to fall out that easily! OK, another one for Peter and Ellen!

Half an hour later the swan was transferred to Peter, and later that day it was at the National Swan Sanctuary in Egham. An X-Ray revealed no hook or tackle inside the swan, but he remained there a day or so for observation, before being given a clean bill of health and being repatriated to Rhoose Point by Peter.

And it’s worth noting that while we were there initially, David found yet another piece of fishing tackle (including hook) carelessly discarded on the lakeside.

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