Update for February 2012 – just a flavour of what we have been doing.

6th February; Huntington Court, Hereford; full scale territorial dispute going on as a result of arrival of another adult pair – these taken into care for re-homing.
12th February; report of exhausted swan near Saracen’s Head pub at Symonds Yat -call too late (dark) to do anything until following day. Then, we found one dead swan – adult male – seriously underweight – had starved due to a chip strap, and female which turned out to be a partial amputee, had a leg injury, and impaired eyesight – into care,
13th February; last months Tawny Owl released back at Blackwood.
15th February; received report of swan with fishing tackle at Kenfig Nature Reserve. Attended, but could find no such casualty, but did find victim of fox attack which was still alive – just. Travelled towards National Swan Sanctuary immediately, but swan died en route.
16th February; en route to funeral of friend in Pembrokeshire, diverted to Bute East Dock, Cardiff to detackle adult swan.

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